Daddy-An Absolutely Authentic Fake Memoir by Andrea Troy

What do you get when a preeminent newspaper recruits an opportunistic rug entrepreneur as its moral pundit?

You get Daddy—An Absolutely Authentic Fake Memoir, a fictional tell-all that reveals some very real (and appallingly believable) contradictions in contemporary America. The story is told through the eyes of the title character's adult daughter who portrays her father, writer of The Moralist column for The Worldly Times, as a man full of crassness, hypocrisy, hubris, and humbuggery.

Inspired by real scandals about unreal memoirs such as James Frey's, A Million Little Piecesthe novel pokes fun at consumerism, commercialism, advertising and self-promotion and has made it into Wikipedia's pages under Fake Memoirs, Randy Cohen, and The Ethicist.  

A light-hearted satire that targets everyday values and social transgressions, Daddy is a zany romp through our way of life.

Enjoy the trip!

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