Falsified memoirs have been around for a very long time. I read memoirs constantly and find the whole issue of lying to the reader (you and me!) and publishers' laxness in vetting appalling. As a reaction to the way things were "coming down" not only in the book industry but in the world of advertising, media and every which brand of self-interest and hype, I wrote, Daddy-An Absolutely Authentic Fake Memoir. My aim and hopes were to nudge the public to be more discriminating and see how low the integrity bar in commerce had gone, while laughing at the same time.

      Daddy, a Donald Trump-looking rug salesman, is chosen by a world renowned newspaper to write a column about morals. It's a pretty outrageous concept. Yet, that and almost all of daddy's antics and happenings in the book are based on a parallel circumstances, scenarios, or happenings in "the real world."  You can read a sampling of the eBook at SMASHWORDS.COM. I hope you will.