Andrea Troy, a life-long, jaded New Yorker, lives and works in the city. Having been simultaneously all over the place and in many directions at any given time during her life, she turned out to be who she is, what she is, and as she is. The Holy Grail has eluded her but hope springs eternal and she hasn’t given up her dream of becoming the someone she wants to be.

Writing Daddy-An Absolutely Authentic Fake Memoir was a step in that direction. The title character, who's good for a laugh, is totally different from her real dad. By creating someone unlike anyone she’s ever met and wouldn't want to know up close and personal, she expanded her scope.

Along the way to publishing her debut novel, she has written professional articles, personal essays and book reviews, and edited a local group newsletter. Currently a social worker, she writes and has publicly read her poetry, and intends to begin a second book...whenever! 

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